The risk is real. Every organization recognizes the consequences of inadequate security and compliance in communications systems. And, the landscape of security threats is constantly changing. We’ll talk about what you need to know, from a security perspective, as you evaluate moving your contact center to the cloud.

How can you be confident that customer data is secure when contact center agents work from home? Data breaches make headlines and affect reputations. Privacy violations put companies at legal risk.

Hear from Chief Information Security Officers Geoff Forsyth of PCI Pal and Michael Armer of 8x8, as they discuss:

  • How a cloud-based contact center addresses security requirements
  • What security considerations you need to address when agents work from home
  • How you can safeguard customer debit and credit card data when taking customer orders
Geoff Forsyth
Chief Information Security Officer

Geoff is responsible for the overall information security and regulatory compliance of the organisation’s global services, including legal compliance, IT systems risk analysis, incident response planning and business continuity management. As a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Geoff has spent over 25 years working with internet and telecommunications services.
Michael Armer
Chief Information Security Officer

Michael is the Global Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer for 8x8 Communications. He has over 20+ years of cyber security and IT leadership experience. He is an active InfraGard and American Bar Association Member and serves as a board advisor to several silicon valley tech companies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in IT and MBA from USC.

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