8x8 callstats and AWS

8x8 callstats.io is an AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) partner solution powered by AWS AI to improve the customer experience and accelerate contact center operational efficiencies. By seamlessly integrating to WebRTC-based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS} platforms, callstats.io provides customers with improved contact center efficiency and agent productivity.

Contact centers need to be highly tuned to optimize agent productivity and improve customer service scores. However, agents are increasingly helping customers from less than optimum networks, such as home or remote offices, resulting in echo, voice distortion, one-way audio, and other quality issues. These issues reduce NPS scores and agent productivity and are time-consuming for IT support teams to diagnose and fix the problem. This is where 8x8 callstats.io can help:

Resolve Call Quality Issues
Monitor your communications sessions in real-time and automatically detect when trouble occurs. AI-driven algorithms isolate the problem and identify a root cause, enabling you to resolve the issue and spend less time troubleshooting.

Improve Caller Experience
Callstats automatically tests the agent's endpoint device and network connection and predicts the expected call quality providing the agent a visual indicator they can use to manage their call quality.

Optimize Agent Availability
8x8 callstats.io calculates call quality based on data from WebRTC-based CCaaS platforms, and makes it actionable by giving contact center managers the real-time data needed to quickly identify and resolve issues, make better staffing decisions and maintain a consistent high quality customer experience over inconsistent networks by automatically preventing calls from reaching agents with poor connectivity.

Learn more about how callstats can be added to your contact center deployment in less than 30 minutes so you can start using AI to proactively detect issues, notify IT staff and accelerate troubleshooting problems to deliver an enhanced customer experience while increasing agent productivity.

Intergrated with Oracle cloud

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