“API” is not a palindrome, but when spelled backwards, it makes an interesting (and imbibable) discussion topic to pair with embeddable video meetings. In this session of APIs and IPAs, join Emil Ivov, Video Product Lead for 8x8, Jitsi Founder, Matt Gardner, Head of Developer Relations for 8x8 and Rex Wang, Oracle’s VP of Developer Marketing. They’ll demonstrate how easy it is to embed video meetings into your apps and website using Jitsi as a Service, and how reliable it is, thanks to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Join us for this short session and learn:

  • How APIs and communications platform as a service (CPaaS) capabilities have evolved to low-code and no-code approaches
  • The steps to easily add video meetings to your applications and websites in just minutes
  • The reliability and global availability provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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Rex Wang, Vice President of Developer Marketing<br/>Oracle

Rex Wang, Vice President of Developer Marketing

Rex Wang is VP of Developer Marketing at Oracle where he helps developers learn and adopt Oracle Cloud technologies. He has also led Product Marketing for Oracle's databases, systems management and open source offerings. Previously, he was the VP Marketing at Sleepycat Software, head of Product Marketing and Strategy for Openwave Systems, VP Product Marketing at Confer Software, and a management consultant for CSC Index. He holds a BSEE degree from Caltech and MSEE and MBA degrees from Stanford University.

Emil Ivov, Video Product Lead<br/>8x8 and Jitsi Founder

Emil Ivov, Video Product Lead
8x8 and Jitsi Founder

Emil Ivov, Ph.D., is the Head of 8x8 Video Collaboration and the Founder of Jitsi. He is an expert in real-time Audio/Video communication and currently, in addition to leading the Jitsi community, Emil also heads product development for meetings services at 8x8. Emil is also involved with the Internet engineering Task Force and has co-authored some of the WebRTC standards. Emil earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Real-time Communication from the University of Strasbourg.

Matt Gardner, Head of Developer Relations<br/>8x8

Matt Gardner, Head of Developer Relations

Matt leads developer relations at 8x8, loves hockey (Let's go Caps!), and puts old bay 🦀 on just about everything. He wears many hats as a developer, entrepreneur, door-to-door website salesman, startup founder, privacy advocate, writer, non-award winning amateur chef, and human being. Matt's goal at 8x8 is focusing on developer experience and helping people go from 0-200 with APIs.

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