Ever go a day without sending or receiving an SMS recently? SMS and chat apps have become mission-critical communication tools in our personal lives. But businesses are behind the curve in embracing these channels and missing the opportunity to reimagine customer engagement.

In this short live demo, join Matt Gardner, Head of Developer Relations for 8x8 and Filipe Leitao, CPaaS Solution Engineer for 8x8 as they demonstrate how to easily:

  1. Improve your website and mobile app security by adding SMS mobile number verification
  2. Update customers throughout their buying journey using SMS notifications
  3. Accelerate customer support outcomes using What’sApp integrated with a CRM system

Matt and Filipe will take the mystery out of APIs, show you how to integrate them into your site and apps, and share sample code so you can get started on your own chat app API project right away.

But wait, there’s more! After the demo, Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye will conclude part two of their tour at Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, Colorado--recently named Best Brewery of the Year for the 2nd consecutive year by the Colorado Sun. In this finale, Ashleigh and Bill will pour tasty knowledge about foam, glassware, techniques and more. And, don’t miss the chance to win cool prizes after the tour! Did you miss part one? Click here to catch up!

<b>Matt Gardner, Head of Developer Relations 8x8</b>

Matt Gardner, Head of Developer Relations 8x8

Matt leads developer relations at 8x8, loves hockey (Let's go Caps!), and puts old bay 🦀 on just about everything. He wears many hats as a developer, entrepreneur, door-to-door website salesman, startup founder, privacy advocate, writer, non-award winning amateur chef, and human being. Matt's goal at 8x8 is focusing on developer experience and helping people go from 0-200 with APIs.

<b>Filipe Leitão, CPaaS Solution Engineer 8x8</b>

Filipe Leitão, CPaaS Solution Engineer 8x8

Filipe Leitão has been working in the telecommunications industry since 2008, back in the glorious days of the IN, building systems that would expose messaging and core network functions to the VAS industry. When no one was calling it that way yet, he worked on what probably was one of the first drafts of a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) system. After a passage through Telestax and Telnyx, where he laid the foundation to their first CPaaS Sales Engineering team, he joined 8x8 as a Solutions Engineer to help the company, its partners and customers to embrace the CPaaS proposition.

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